The story of Hometown started in summer 2017 when I opened a small coffee cart up to the lovely folk of East Lothian. I then progressed into the roastery in 2019, which aspires to steal your hearts with my passion for specialty coffee and the town where I was born. ​
I believe each crop of coffee produces unique attributes that are specific to its terroir. My philosophy of coffee roasting is to accentuate those attributes to show how amazing these coffees can be. I don't roast for 'espresso' or 'filter', I roast for what I believe tastes best.

The roasting process is only a small step in the journey of coffee. The vast majority of the hard work comes from the huge amount of people who produce the raw product. The roaster's job is to unleash the best potential achievable.

All my coffees are selected with various factors in mind; traceability, sustainability, overall tastes/flavours and who the growers and farmers are. Harvest date, seasonal picks and complete quality assurance are also major key factors. I only buy seasonal coffees.  
 For me sustainability is hugely important, so I am committed to reducing environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices such as reducing carbon footprint and using eco friendly, reusable packaging.  
Living in North Berwick makes it easy to be authentic, mindful, and  passionate,  the core values of Hometown. I am inspired by my hometown and I want my customers to understand that my company's vibe represents my life in beautiful North Berwick. So, my logo is an illustration of the famous Bass Rock, one of the town's most iconic landmarks.