Deiner Quispe Hurtado - Peru

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Deiner Quispe Hurtado
Tasting Notes: Stonefruit sweetneess, caramel, velvety body
Process: Washed 
Variety: Caturra, Castillo
Cup Score: 84.5
Altitude: 1900 MASL
Deiner Quispe Hurtado is a coffee producer who lives in the El Diamante village in San Jose de Lourdes, Peru. Deiner owns around 2 hectares of land which is planted with Caturra, Bourbon and Castillo varieties with a total of 8000 plants. The farm sits between 1800-1900masl and the coffee grows under shade from banana and some native fruit trees.

Deiner picks his coffee with the help of his two brothers who are also coffee producers. Due to a lack of space and resources, Deiner dries his coffee on his neighbour's farm. Once the coffee reaches its desired moisture percentage (11%), it is transported to the Falcon warehouse in Jaen.
I decided to buy this coffee for various reasons. Not only does it taste exquisite with its smooth, velvety body and stonefruit like sweetness, but Falcon has also been working incredibly hard to set up a new scheme in Jaen. This involved building a warehouse, educating growers/producers on best practices and also putting these fantastic people in a much better position to sell their product at a fair, above market price. By directly buying from farms like Deiner's, Falcon can ensure they receive the amount they all deserve to be paid for their hard work, but also get closely involved with quality control and teaching. 
I think this is a superb scheme and one I as a roaster want to support and help grow. The supply chain is a fragile system, it takes us all working together to produce the best quality product and I strongly believe that Deiner, Falcon and myself all have this at the front of our minds.
Information provided by Falcon Coffees