El Regino - Nicaragua

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Tasting notes: A very complex coffee with orange acidity, a well-rounded whisky note with shortbread to finish
Process: Anaerobic natural
Variety: Red Catuaí
Elevation:  1365 MASL

Region: Nueva Segovia

Known as the land of lakes and volcanoes within Central America, Nicaragua is a pocket for high quality coffee thanks to its rich soils and various microclimates. Coffee arrived in the 1800s with Spanish colonialists, first planted on the mesas of the Pacific plains. Today, coffee has spread to three main production areas: Las Segovias, Matagalpa and Jinotega: characterized by fertile, volcanic soils and lush vegetation.

Our green bean importers, Mercanta work with Cafetos de Segovia to bring coffee from Nicaragua. Cafetos de Segovia work with producers in Nueva Segovia to connect them with roasters throughout the world. The organization was started in 2014 by sisters Ana and Martha Albir, owner of this farm, who have been involved in growing coffee their whole lives. 

This lot, El Regino is named after a producer who lived on the farm. This coffee underwent the natural anaerobic method which begins with the cherries being sorted for quality and submerging them in a tank of water o remove floating cherries. They are them placed in plastic bags or barrels to ferment for 72 hours. The cherries are then delivered to the Cafetos dry mill, dispersed on raised beds to dry for three days in the sun, then for 20 days under shade, four more days covered under shade and a final three days in the sun. 


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