Dukunde Kawa - Rwanda - Decaffeinated

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Tasting Notes: Blackberry acidity, dark chocolate sweetness with a golden syrup-like mouthfeel

Process: Washed, CO2
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1600 - 2000 MASL   
Region: Ruli Sector

The Ruli washing station is built and owned by the Musasa Dukunde Kawa Cooperative in the Northern Province of Rwanda. The Ruli washing station was built in 2003 with support from a Rwandan government development loan and the USAID-financed PEARL programme.

Many of the small-scale farmers involved with the cooperative own less than .25 hectares of land. In Kinyarwanda, Musasa translates to 'a place to make a bed' and Dukunde Kawa means 'let's love coffee', which goes to show how important coffee growing for the people in these communities. 

The CO2 process begins with green coffee beans being soaked in water. This helps open up the pores in the beans and allows the CO2 to penetrate more easily. The beans are then placed in a pressurised chamber and exposed to CO2. In this state, the CO2 has the properties of both a gas and a liquid, which allows it to dissolve caffeine more effectively.

The CO2 circulates through the beans for several hours, extracting the caffeine. The caffeine-rich CO2 is then separated from the beans and the CO2 is recycled and reused. 


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