El Perezoso - Costa Rica

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Tasting Notes: Hazelnut praline, creamy chocolate and spiced apple with a hint of vanilla

Process: Natural
Variety: Mixed
Elevation: 1300 - 1750 MASL

Region: Los Robles de Naranjo  

The coffee output from this group is substantial. They annually produce approximately 2907 fanegas (traditional Spanish units) of coffee, translating to roughly six containers of green coffee, each containing 275 sacks weighing 69 kg each.


Their latest batch has been named 'Perezoso Natural.' The sloth, or 'perezoso,' is one of Costa Rica's most iconic and beloved creatures, known globally for its slow, tranquil behaviour and its ability to hang from tree branches. It's these unique attributes of the sloth that has inspired the naming of this particular lot.


In terms of manpower, every farm typically employs three individuals for agronomic maintenance. However, this number swells to between 15 and 20 during harvest periods. The average size of these farms is about eight hectares.


The cultivation of the coffee is methodical and meticulous. Benefiting from nutrient-rich soil and optimal altitude, the farms have been able to innovate their cultivation methods over the last 20 years in response to disease and climate change. New varieties of coffee have been developed by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute and other private institutions, showing tolerance to disease and drought, increased productivity, and superior quality in the cup. These new varieties require more spacing, yield earlier, and produce more, necessitating increased fertilisation, either chemical or natural, as indicated by soil analyses.


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