El Retiro Quisaya - Guatemala

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Tasting notes: Full bodied with notes of vanilla ice cream, raisin sweetness and red berry acidity

Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Pache
Elevation: 1800 MASL

Region: Chimaltenango

Coffee first arrived in Guatemala in the 18th century with Jesuits to the monasteries of Antigua. Estates began to spread over the following 150 years, primarily owned by European colonists. The country gained independance in 1821 and coffee production soared, making Guatemala an important coffee producer. A quarter of the Guatemalan population are in some way involved with growing or processing coffee. 


The farm of Finca El Retiro de Quisaya is in the Chimaltenango region. The farm was established 100 years ago by the Ortega family and was recently sold to the Arabigos del Sur organisation. The name of the farm comes from a river that runs through the land. 


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