Fazenda Vila Boa - Brazil

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Tasting Notes: Juicy pomegranate, lots of molasses sweetness & dark chocolate. We also taste a subtle chamomile note and a full-body similar to that of buckwheat honey.

Process: Natural
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Elevation: 1150 MASL

Region: Campos de Vertentes/Sul de Minas

Fazenda Vila Boa is located in the region known locally as Vertentes, as it forms a border between two important basins in Brazil: the Grande River Basin (which runs to the south) and the São Francisco River Basin (which runs to the northeast).

Founded in 1988, Fazenda Vila Boa began after Monica inherited 90 hectares of farmland from her father. Monica decided to name her estate Vila Boa, or ‘pleasant town’, as the mission was to form an assortment of good, like-minded people. Monica and her husband, who at the time was still an engineer, began by planting the first 7-hectare terroir with coffee: known today as Campos das Vertentes. Since that time, Monica and her husband have developed a deep passion for specialty coffee.

To help tackle increasing threats of a changing climate, Fazenda Vila Boa has recently taken steps to become certified carbon neutral. This means that the estate is not only reducing their carbon footprint but also can offset the carbon that they do produce, thanks to their coffee terroirs and forests. 


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