La Esperanza - Peru

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Taste: Bright peach acidity, double cream mouthfeel, a subtle note of jasmine with a lingering finish.

Process: Washed
Variety: Typica & Bourbon
Elevation:  1850 MASL
Region: Cajamarca


High altitudes, ideal climates and nutrient-rich soil in the Cajamarca region of Peru allow for the production of high quality and organic coffee. The owner of La Esperanza, Esmerita Vazquez Ramirez has had many sucesses in growing coffee and has been singled out as one of the top lots from the Cajamarca region this year. 

Esmerita inherited the farm from her family and now manages the 4 hectares with her husband. During the harvest, the couple walk 40-45 minutes up to the farm to pick the ripened cherries. The journey can be trecherous, especially when transporting processed cherry to be sold. Esmerita relies on her mules to carry coffee down the mountainside. 

In addition to growing local varieties, Esmerita is fortunate to also produce a small amount of Geisha on her farm. She received  a selection of seeds from a passing traveller who, without explaining the variety, told Esmerita the seeds would produce excellent coffee. With hope in mind, she decided to cultivate the strange seeds. It was only when sometime later, another producer went to visit the farm that the trees were identified as Geisha. 

Esmerita decided to name her farm Esperanza, translating to 'hope'. This was after she decided to plant the mystery seeds, proving that hope does prevail.


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